Science Fox was born at Fandemonium 2012.  Ikacte was kind enough to let me sit at her table for pretty much the whole con while she sold her pretty pretty pictures and doodled.

Really pretty doodles.

Previously one of my other friends had needed a guest comic, so I had a fox character  I could doodle that was based on her simplified pawn people. I decided to show Ikacte the fox that I could “draw” and made it say something snarky (I think the first one I drew was a “Science, it works bitches!”) and put a price tag of $.50 on it on the table by her really pretty art (note: it was a well-defined sign that said only the Science Fox was $.50, because otherwise kids would try to get smart). That’s when the unthinkable happened:


Not to be caught without my science hat on, I decided to recreate the experiment.  Nine people bought the first batch of foxes, and I drew up a couple of weeks worth of updates on the spot.  Since then, three more characters have joined the crew, and their antics continue!

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