Only questions marked with an asterisk are actually frequently asked, the rest is simply trivia.


Science Fox is a GIRL?!*

Yes, Science Fox is a girl, the ball on the top of her head is a bun, because her hair is pulled back to keep from getting into Bunsen burners, chemicals, and ramen.


Where does this all take place?

Science Fox Comics take place at or around Kitsune Industries, where Science Fox and Derp Mouse are employed (As a scientist and a lab mouse respectively).  Catbot 3000 goes wherever Catbot 3000 wants to, but it is usually at Kitsune Industries as well.  Hipster Fox does Tech Support there as well, but he isn’t employed directly by Kitsune Industries, he’s just an independent contractor (Because working for the man is too mainstream).


Can I give you ideas for the comic?

Yes! is the perfect way to do so, if you have an idea for both halves of a comic or simply want to see how the crew answer your question, send it in, we’ll get it made and give you credit on the comic!


Can I buy a comic?

Yes! Currently I don’t have a store set up, but I’ve been working on high resolution scans of the early comics (Some don’t print well because of bad lighting and whatnot) and I can get you prints ($3 or 2 for $5) or originals ($10) with free shipping, just email for paypal or other payment info.


Why are the first comics really crappy phone pictures?

Science Fox Comic started its life with a tag line, “The laziest webcomic on the internet,” and it hasn’t actually gotten any less lazy. The medium is still Sharpie on 3×5 index cards, I just got a printer that came with a scanner and made it look better without trying harder :p  As Captain Jack Sparrow once said to the allegation that he was the worst pirate someone had ever heard of, “Ah, but you have heard of me.”